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California DSM Measurement Advisory Committee (CADMAC)

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    CADMAC was the predecessor to CALMAC. It covered MA&E on programs conducted under the " PROTOCOLS AND PROCEDURES FOR THE VERIFICATION OF COSTS, BENEFITS, AND SHAREHOLDER EARNINGS FROM DEMAND-SIDE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS" (Protocols). Programs evaluated under the Protocols generally were fielded during 1994 through 1997, but evaluations of those programs (and carryover applications) continued to occur through 2007.

CADMAC Statement of Purpose: To provide a forum for presentations, discussions, and review of Demand Side Management (DSM) program measurement studies underway or completed, to coordinate the development and implementation of measurement studies common to all or most of the utilities, and to facilitate the development of effective, state-of-the-art protocols for measuring and evaluating the impacts of DSM programs.

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