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COVID-19 Customer Support ME&O General Population Survey Report  Read Abstract

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Billing Regression Study: Phase II  Read Abstract

Appendix A: CPUC ME&O Consensus Project Landscape Analysis Campaign Practitioner Interview Guide   Read Abstract

Marketing, Education & Outreach Consensus Project Report  Read Abstract

Appendix B: Energy Upgrade California Wave 1 Tracking Survey Results  Read Abstract

Appendix A - Tracking Survey and Interview Guides  Read Abstract

Marketing, Education & Outreach Effectiveness Assessment: Annual Performance Report Final Report CALMAC Study ID: CPU0213  Read Abstract

WE&T Deliverable 30: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Market Studies - HVAC Rooftop Package Units & Heat Pump Water Heaters  Read Abstract

PG&E HER 2018 Energy and Demand Savings Early EM&V  Read Abstract

2017 Home Energy Reports Energy and Demand Savings Early EM&V  Read Abstract

2015 Energy Efficiency Savings Estimates for Home Energy Reports Program   Read Abstract

2015 Demand Savings Methodology and Estimate for Home Energy Reports Program   Read Abstract

RTR for the California Statewide Multifamily Boiler Market Assessment  Read Abstract

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