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 Observations on Chapter 8 of the Uniform Methods Project: A Discussion of Comparison Groups for Net and Gross Impacts  Read Abstract

 California LED Pricing Analysis  Read Abstract

 The Role of Community Distributed Energy in Zero Net Energy Compliance - Phase 1  Read Abstract

 RTR for the Final Report: 2014-2016 HVAC Permit and Code Compliance Market Assessment  Read Abstract

 PY2013-2014 California Statewide Residential and Nonresidential Spillover Study  Read Abstract

 Title 24 and HES Comparison  Read Abstract

 Responsible Contractor Policy for EE Programs: Market Intelligence Study  Read Abstract

 PY2015 California Statewide On-Bill Finance Impact Evaluation  Read Abstract

 Study of Deemed HVAC Measures Uncertainty Year 3 Report (HVAC4)  Read Abstract

 California Energy Efficiency Financing Small Business Market Baseline Study  Read Abstract

 Regional Finance Program Attribution and Cost-effectiveness Study  Read Abstract

 Statewide Finance Pilot Marketing, Education, and Outreach Process Evaluation  Read Abstract

 Mitigating Self-Selection Bias in Billing Analysis for Impact Evaluation  Read Abstract

 Tool Lending Library Program Evaluation  Read Abstract

 RTR for the 2015 Nonresidential Downstream ESPI Deemed Pool Cover Impact Evaluation: Final Report   Read Abstract

 California K-12 School and Community College Zero Net Energy Retrofit Readiness Study  Read Abstract

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