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RTR for the Final Report: PY 2016-2018 Appliance Standards Evaluation Vol. 1  Read Abstract

RTR for the Impact Evaluation of Water Heating Measures: Residential Sector—Program Year 2019  Read Abstract

RTR for the Final Impact Evaluation: NonResidential Lighting Sector Program Year 2019  Read Abstract

RTR for the Final Impact Evaluation: Small/Medium Commercial Sector—Program Year 2019  Read Abstract

RTR for the PY2018 Small/Medium Commercial (SMB) Sector ESPI Impact Evaluation: Final Report   Read Abstract

RTR for the 2017 Small/Medium Commercial Sector ESPI Impact Evaluation: Final Report  Read Abstract

California Solar Initiative RD&D Program Process Evaluation  Read Abstract

NREL-SCE NREL/SCE High Penetration PV Integration Project: FY13 Annual Report 2014-06  Read Abstract

UCSD Comprehensive Grid Integration of Solar Power for SDG&E 2016-10  Read Abstract

SCE Advanced Distribution Analytics Enabling High Penetration Solar PV 2016-11  Read Abstract

EPRI Grid Integration of Zero Net Energy Communities 2017-01  Read Abstract

EPRI Analysis to Inform CA Grid Integration Rules for PV Inverter Settings for Transmission and Distribution System Performance 2016-09   Read Abstract

Amonix Improving Cost, Reliability and Grid Integration of High-Concentration Photovoltaic Systems 2015-01  Read Abstract

UCSD High-fidelity Solar Forecasting Demonstration for Grid Integration 2016-02  Read Abstract

UCSD Forecasting and Storage Control to Mitigate Large Ramps 2016-07  Read Abstract

UCD Comprehensive System Assessment of Smart Grid-tied Energy Storage System Using Second-life Lithium Batteries 2015-11  Read Abstract

Tri-Technic Supervisory Controller for PV and Storage Microgrids 2016-03  Read Abstract

Strategic Energy Innovations Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Fund (SEED FundTM) 2015-07  Read Abstract

Clean Power Research Integrating PV into Utility Planning and Operation Tools 2014-04  Read Abstract

EPRI Alternatives to the 15% Rule 2015-12  Read Abstract

Viridity Energy Integration of High Penetration Renewables Using Distributed Energy Resources: A Case Study on the University of California, San Diego 2013-06  Read Abstract

SunLink Reducing California PV Balance of System Costs by Automating Array Design, Engineering, and Component Delivery 2013-02  Read Abstract

Solaria Corporation Proving Performance of the Lowest Cost PV System 2013-04  Read Abstract

Cogenra Solar Improved Manufacturing and Innovative Business Models to Accelerate Commercialization in California of Hybrid Concentrating Photovoltaic/Thermal Tri-generation (CPV/T-3G) Technology 2012-12  Read Abstract

BIRAenergy Grid-Ready Plug-and-Play PV Kit Low-Cost, Smart-Grid Ready Solar Re-Roof Product Enables Residential Solar and Energy Efficiency Retrofits 2013-12  Read Abstract

UCSD Improving Economics of Solar Power through Resource Analysis, Forecasting, and Dynamic System Modeling 2013-11  Read Abstract

UCI Development and Analysis of a Progressively Smarter Distribution System 2013-03  Read Abstract

SMUD High Penetration Photovoltaic Initiative 2014-06  Read Abstract

NREL BEopt-CA (Ex): A Tool for Optimal Integration of EE, DR and PV in Existing California Homes 2014-03  Read Abstract

kW Engineering Results of Integrated Energy Project Model Development 2012-06  Read Abstract

Clean Power Research Advanced Modeling and Verification for High Penetration PV 2012-04  Read Abstract

UCD-UCD-DCM West Village Energy Initiative Target Area Two: Innovative Business Models to Achieve Zero Net Energy 2015-07  Read Abstract

SoCalREN Multifamily Process Evaluation  Read Abstract

UCD-EI West Village Energy Initiative Target Area One: Improved PV Production Technologies 2015-07  Read Abstract

DNVGL Tools Development for Grid Integration of High PV Penetration 2016-03  Read Abstract

NREL BEopt Multifamily Modeling Capabilities for ZNE and iDSM in California 2015-12  Read Abstract

Clean Power Research Distributed Solar and Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV): Development and Delivery of an Interactive Software Platform that Provides Actionable Insights Regarding Solar Acquisition 2015-12  Read Abstract

SolarCity Advanced Grid-Interactive Storage 2014-04  Read Abstract

SunPower PV and Advanced Energy Storage for Demand Reduction 2015-01  Read Abstract

E3 PV Integrated Storage: Demonstrating Mutually Beneficial Utility-Customer Business Partnerships 2016-08  Read Abstract

Quantification of Risk of Unintended Islanding and Re-Assessment of Interconnection Requirements in High Penetration of Customer Sited PV Generation Final Project Report  Read Abstract

Standard Communication Interface and Certification Test Program for Smart Inverters Final Project Report  Read Abstract

Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Fund (SEED Fund) Phase 2 Final Project Report  Read Abstract

Low-cost ZNE Retrofit: Monitoring & Evaluation of a Zero Net Energy Retrofit Homes with Energy Storage, Demand Response, and Home Energy Management Systems Final Project Report  Read Abstract

RTR for the Impact Evaluation Report: Commercial HVAC Sector—Program Year 2019  Read Abstract

RTR for the Impact Evaluation Report: Residential HVAC Sector—Program Year 2019  Read Abstract

RTR for the Upstream and Residential Downstream Lighting Impact Evaluation Report: Lighting Sector—Program Year 2019 (EM&V Group A)  Read Abstract

RTR for the Emerging Technologies Program Technology to Portfolio Evaluation  Read Abstract

RTR for the Impact Evaluation of Smart Thermostats: Residential Sector—Program Year 2019 (EM&V Group A)  Read Abstract

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